Steph Smith is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, CA. If you are interested in collaborating, please give her a call, send her a mail, shoot her a text, invite her to chat:

917.860.5885 | hi@stephsmith.info


Historical Consciousness, Modern Review of Poetry #10, Summer 2019

Los Angeles Art Book Fair,  Exhibitor, Apr. 2019

15 Studio Visits, Magazine, Apr. 2019

Smith_Steph_Data_2018, Book, Mar. 2019

Sonnets for the Holocene Extinction, Zine, Mar. 2019

Predictions 2018, Zine, Feb. 2018

Independent Art Book Fair, Exhibitor, Sep. 2017

New York Art Book Fair, Exhibitor, Sep. 2017

New Poems, Chapbook, Sep. 2017

Happy Haiku / Sad Haiku, Book, Apr. 2017

Le Fille, Chapook, Feb. 2017

Dolly, Dolores, Lolita, Lo, Book, Feb. 2017

Paris Sex Shops, Packet Bi-Weekly #84, Sep. 2016

Sad Girl, Zine, Sep. 2016

Period Haiku, Packet Bi-Weekly #SE4, Feb. 2016

Vanity Plate, Zine, Dec. 2015

Notes, Zine, Sep. 2015

My Only Doing Thing, Packet Bi-Weekly #062, Jun. 2015

Interviews with Matter, Co-editor, Mar. 2015


PST Performances, Curator, AA/LA, Apr. 2019

Marathon Reading, Curator, El Cid, Feb. 2019

Predictions 2019, Reader, Printed Matter, Jan. 2019

Predictions 2018, Reader, Printed Matter, Jan. 2018

Letter to an Audience, Reader, 8ball Community Club, Jan. 2017


Text-A-Poem, Digital Reading Series, LAABF, Apr. 2019

Art is Labor, Exhibitor, Knockdown Center, Apr. 2017

Solita: or the pleasures of solitude, Curator, Sad Gallery, Feb. 2017

Spring Break Dildos, Spring Break Art Show, Sad Gallery, Apr. 2016

Ballsack, Sculpture, A League of Her Own, Sad Gallery, Oct. 2016

Nativity Pumpkin, Pumpkin Show, Sad Gallery, Oct. 2015


Beauty Essentials, L Shape Gallery, Mar. 2019

Shelter or Playground, MAK Center x Schindler House, Feb. 2019

Big Blue, 2nd Night Stand, Secret Project Robot, Sep. 2017

Sad Girl, A Night of Intimacy, Sad Gallery, Sep. 2016