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15 Studio Visits

151 pages, spiral-bound, risographed, edition of 50, April 2019.

15 Studio Visits explores the artist in her/their studio. Featuring interviews and photography from 15 studio visits conducted in the spring of 2019 in both Los Angeles and New York. The artists featured span a range of disciplines including painting, performance, sculpture, publishing, photography, textiles, video, and writing. Artists include Alicia Adamerovich, Claire Christerson, Taylor Doran, Kira Doutt, Jenny Eom, Lydon Frank, Bailey Hikawa, Vanessa Holyoak, Liz Lee, Hayley Martell, Aria McManus, Diana Rojas, Susannah Simpson, Lucinda Trask, and Natalie Weinberger.

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648 pages, perfect bound, edition of 20, March 2019.

Smith_Steph_Data_2018 is an archive of my internet data from 2018 including records from my autofill, browser activity, hangouts, image search, maps, places, profile photos, purchases, and videos.

Sonnets for the Holocene Extinction

15 pages, spiral-bound, edition of 10, February 2019.

Sonnets for the Holocene Extinction records every species extinction that has occurred as a result of human activity.

Predictions 2018

18 pages, typeset on a Nakajima WPT-150, spiral bound, open edition, January 2018.

Predictions 2018 lists my predictions for the year of 2018, including the future of intimacy, wellness culture, the art market, celebrity, natural disasters, dating apps, housing, surveillance, and the act of speculation itself.

New Poems

13 pages, spiral-bound, typeset on Nakajima WPT-150, edition of 20, September 2017.

New Poems merges millennial skepticism and hopefulness with the form of concrete poetry. Themes include the slippery morality of pleasure, the means of total war, consciousness as a value, and the demystification of art theory.

Happy Haiku / Sad Haiku

176 pages, perfect bound, edition of 50, April 2017.

Happy Haiku / Sad Haiku are two collections of haiku sharing the same book. Within the classic form, I explore contemporary questions around technology, popular culture, gender identity, my lived environment, and intimate relationships.

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Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov by Steph Smith

350 pages, hardcover, edition of 1, February 2017.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov by Steph Smith is an edit of Vladimir Nabokov’s 1955 novel Lolita. Within this edit, only Dolores’ direct speech and action have been preserved.

Le Fille

88 pages, perfect bound, risographed, January 2017.

Le Fille is a meditation on gender and alienation written from the perspective of the third person pronoun “she”. It looks at my relationship to consumerism, self-presentation, sex, and philosophy through the lens of gender while simultaneously deconstructing all of the above. I wrote it in Paris when I was lonely and couldn’t speak French.

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Sad Girl

10 pages, inkjet on newsprint, edition of 25, September 2016.

Sad Girl is a collection of image ID’s from the stock photography website Shutterstock. These images were found using the search term “sad girl”.


28 pages, inkjet on newsprint, edition of 30, September 2015.

Notes is a collection of musings, questions, poetic fragments, and run-on sentences taken from the Notes app of my iPhone.